Hossein Farmani


Hossein Farmani published the first Los Angeles based fashion magazine, VUE, in 1985. He also published FotoFolio Magazine in 1986, promoting the work of contemporary photographers across the country. FotoFolio won numerous awards and is in the permanent collection of The Library of Congress.

Hossein led the industry in philanthropy by creating a benefit auction foundation call Focus On AIDS (FOA) in 1987, a volunteer-based non-profit organization whose purpose sole is to auction photography, donating 100% of its net proceeds to AIDS research, care and education.

In 1992, Farmani established Farmani – Yamanouchi design studio, a leading marketing agency focusing on fashion catalogues and consumer electronics industry design. As an Internet pioneer, Hossein established Artnet one of the first internet service providers in Los Angeles which landed him on the cover of New York Times Business cover.

His first experience with Awards was a co-chair of Hollywood Film Awards and in 2004 he established the Lucie Awards, Oscars for photography.

Since then, Farmani has developed a growing portfolio of projects and companies.


Astrid Hébert

Co-Founder & Director

Originally from France, Astrid Hébert graduated from the University of La Rochelle with a Master’s Degree in Marketing. She is an accomplished entrepreneurial professional with more than fifteen years’ experience in Business Development, Marketing, Events, and Project Management.

After living for twelve years in Asia, working as Director of Sales & Marketing in the Hospitality industry, she moved back to Europe.

Astrid Hébert joined the Farmani Group in 2018 as Vice-President, opening the European office in Budapest and leading the company growth for two years. She is now the co-founder and Director of the 3C GROUP based in Switzerland.


Mirna Huhoja-Dóczy

Mirna Huhoja-Dóczy

Marketing Manager & D5mag.com Editor-in-Chief

Mirna is a marketing and communications professional with a degree in Information Sciences from the University of Zagreb and over 12 years of experience in the industry. Throughout her career, Mirna has honed her skills in the publishing industry and as a marketing and communications consultant. She initially joined the 3C Awards as a marketing expert, leveraging her experience to drive the company’s growth and strengthen its reputation. In 2023, Mirna also became the Editor-in-Chief of D5 Magazine.



Aline Martins dos Anjos

Customer Service Officer

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the Federal University of Ouro Preto, in Brazil, Aline is currently doing a master’s degree in Architecture at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Aline has a background in lighting design and interior design.

Early 2020, Aline joined the Farmani group looking after the customer service and advising all Designers, Architects, and Photographers. Aline is also providing assistance to all 3C Awards programs.

Terezija Jerković Bjelajac

Marketing & Social Media Manager

During her studies at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, Terezija worked as a journalist on numerous digital media platforms that needed her creative writing skills.

After getting her Master’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations, she took up working as a social media manager, content creator, and program coordinator for different clients, helping them to promote their work, and build their visual identity using her designs.

Terezija is managing the social media accounts of 3C Awards.

Jennifer Cullera<br />

Jennifer Cullera

Program Manager, Global Footwear Awards

Originally from the Philippines and now based in Thailand, Jenny graduated in Computer Science from Central Luzon State University. She also completed a 790-hour Care Nursing training at Prima Care Medical Clinic.

From 2017 to 2020, Jenny worked as a Customer Service Support Manager at Rehab International Retreat in Thailand, assisting individuals in their recovery journeys.

In 2021, she joined the Farmani Group as a full-time employee as a marketing assistant and social media moderator. She speaks 4 languages including Tagalog, English, Spanish, and Thai.

Thibault Luxembourger

Thibault Luxembourger  

Program Manager, FIT Sport Design Awards

Thibault has spent years in the world of skiing as a professional athlete, and he has always been drawn to the ocean, seeking ways to intertwine his passions with his professional journey.

Now, as part of the FIT Sport Design Awards team, he is thrilled to be part of an initiative that celebrates groundbreaking sports innovations and sustainable practices.

Polya Pencheva

Polya Pencheva 

Editorial Writer, D5mag.com

Polya Pencheva is a talented editorial writer at D5 Magazine. With a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Groningen, she brings expertise and passion to her work. Polya enjoys exploring different cultures through her writing, covering topics like travel, entertainment, and innovation. Her vibrant storytelling and dedication to excellence make her a valuable asset to the magazine, captivating readers with her depth and creativity.


Leonor Gomes

Leonor Gomes  

Editorial Assistant, D5mag.com

Leonor Gomes is an editorial assistant at D5 Magazine, where she brings her passion for storytelling to life. With a background in Journalism and Communication, she crafts captivating narratives inspired by her experiences in Lisbon and Rome. Leonor’s work reflects a fusion of cultures and places, enriching each piece with authenticity and allure. With her keen eye for detail, she contributes to the magazine’s success by maintaining high editorial standards and infusing every story with creativity and professionalism.


Denitsa Kirova

Graphic Designer

Denitsa Kirova is educated in the field of graphic design and digital marketing. She enriches her knowledge and skills with additional courses.

She has worked as a graphic designer for numerous companies around the world. She is specialized in the field of branding design and design for social networks.

Denitsa contributes to the company’s growth with her graphic design skills.




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