At the 3C Awards, we believe in the power of design to shape our world and inspire change. Our university partners are an integral part of the 3C Awards community, providing a platform for emerging designers to showcase their work and connect with industry professionals. Here's what some of our partners have to say about the 3C Awards and our impact on the design community:

3C Awards includes various international well-known initiative in favor of the Design field and its development. On an Academic perspective, the Awards allow the students to challenge themselves in an international context and to receive wide visibility from the sector and the public, a great opportunity for their advancement and future career.

Annamaria Lambri, M.A., Assoc. AIA, RIBA, APID 

Associate Professor of Interior Design and Outreach Coordinator – Interior Design

American University in Dubai (AUD)


For the Design Faculty of the Anáhuac University, it is very important to show the work of the students internationally, both in national and international exhibitions as well as in design competitions where we always obtain great results. This helps to measure the academic level at an international level, to generate professional experience in students who meet professionals of international stature and to have highly competitive curricula.

Lilian González-González

Industrial Design Academic Coordinator

Anahuac University of México



Students’ fresh ideas, suggestions, observations have always been creative and productive. The fact that they are positioned on the side of life that produces solutions as much as possible and their questioning thoughts have always impressed me. The 3C award competition, with its inviting and inclusive structure, brings together the ideas and suggestions of the students with the world. The number of participants who focus on experience and our planet is increasing day by day. Participation from different cultures and geographies gives hope for our future. I congratulate everyone who contributed to the organization and the participants. Good luck to all students.

Sertac Ersayin

President, ETMK

Board Member, WDO


The Faculty of Design shares common goals and visions with 3C Awards, but perhaps the
most important ones are values; those are about recognizing, developing, supporting,
educating, nurturing and last but not least to celebrate open young creative minds.
We try to meet creative individuals where they are at and design an environment where
everyone can be their best selves and do their best work through choice. Together with 3C
Awards we try to emphasize the significance of seeing the problems everyday people face as
design problems. Good design is informed by creativity that is born out of human experience
and necessity. We cannot agree more with the Hambeukers saying: if to design is to be a
creative problem solver, then to design well, is to have heart.
Receiving 3C Awards is helping our students to build their confidence and motivates them to
explore creativity even more. Sometimes awards serve as great navigators throughout the
times when the creativity path is long and uncertain and tested with self-doubt. Designer’s
work comes with no shortage of highs and lows. Awards recognize thought processes and
creative labour of young creatives and most importantly, they show respect to their time; time
spent helping create new design solutions.
In a vastly complex world that demands tasks be made easier to complete, we as mentors
and our students, face a never ending challenge to create well designed products or services
and contribute to solutions that make a better place. We are glad to be part of the 3C Award
partnership, which respects and recognizes great efforts of young creative individuals. We
express a lot of gratitude towards the 3C Award and share enthusiasm to showcase design
projects and we’re looking forward to new challenges.

Jan Krmelj

Head of the Department for International Affairs, Science and Research

Fakulteta za dizajn/Faculty of Design Slovenia


Mexico City is one of the most congested and crowded cities in the world. More roads for automobiles are continually being opened, but they are not enough, they will never be enough; as with natural ecosystems, the key to life is to diversify and slow down. In the case of improving urban roads and wellbeing, one of the alternatives is to promote other means of micro mobility using bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or skateboards. In tune with this vision, the third semester students of the Fashion Design and Sustainable Textiles degree program created proposals for clothing integrated with technology to promote these practices, making them not only safer and more visible, but also more attractive. Design is present and makes possible all our daily activities of life in the city, such as transportation and sports. In this case, the students generated proposals considering sustainability, usability and user experience that seek to improve the quality of life of people in an inter relational way with the city and the environment.

The projects carried out by Mariani, Tania, Paola, Montserrat and Camila have that vision, they were demanding projects because of the time dedicated to ethnographic research and the subsequent time dedicated to technological intervention, since they are students of fashion and textile design who made electronic circuits with code to integrate them to the function of the outfit. The recognition given by the FIT Sport Design Award to these 5 students is a great incentive to continue working on projects of social impact through design, and we also appreciate having had winning projects and honorable mentions in such a specialized and knowledgeable award.


Ileana Jalil Kentros

Académica de Tiempo Completo

Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México


For students to participate in competitions is very important, on the one hand it allows them to make their work known at an international level, and on the other hand, to be evaluated by a body outside the university where they can test a design proposal. It expands the challenge of the classroom or the subject to a space outside the walls that invites greater performance due to the higher level of competition. The 3C Awards competition has a level of specialization in its categories that gives more precision to the awards, making their evaluation more objective.

On the other hand, the logistics and processes of the contest are very efficient, and Stephanie Verdonck has given us great support in any doubt, which has helped the participation to be more fluid and efficient. For the Department of Design of the Universidad Iberoamericana it has been a pleasure and an honor to have participated with you, and of course a great thrill and pride for our winning student so far and her professors.

Mtra. Ileana Jalil Kentros 

Académica – Diseño de Indumentaria y Moda

Universidad Iberoamericana


I urge anyone around the world to showcase their love for design by submitting their work for the FIT Sport Design Awards. The 3C Awards organization is passionate about building a global community of passionate design professionals in all areas of the profession.

Sean Williams

Engagement Manager

Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design (USA)


Georgia Tech has a rich legacy in lighting design, going all the way back to the Bauhaus with the Kandem Lamp. It was designed by Hin Bredendieck who started the Industrial Design School at Georgia Tech in the 1950’s. We often think about and teach lighting design here, and the LIT awards have allowed our diverse students to showcase their lighting design ideas on an international stage. Knowing that they can design for the world or just one small market in the world has given them the opportunity to bring a huge variety of personality and culture into their design ideas. It is amazing to see the cross pollination of ideas as our students interact with one another. We really appreciate the wide spectrum of opportunities that these awards have given our students and how the LIT awards have lightened our creative talents’ career developments.

EunSook Kwon, PhD

Chair and Professor, School of Industrial Design

College of Design, Georgia Institute of Technology


The 3C Awards provide my students with an exciting opportunity to showcase their work and contribute to the broader architectural design community. The public reach and grant opportunities make 3C Awards an incredibly useful partner for my students when conducting architectural research and design work. Taubman College at the University of Michigan looks forward to further developing our partnership with the organization moving forward.

Jimmy Grote

University of Michigan


The organisers of the 3CAward conduct the awards in a professional manner. I love the diverse categories of their awards. As designers we create in multidisciplinary fields and the 3CAwards cater for all possible options, they acknowledge furniture design, through the SIT Furniture Design Awards, and lighting design, through the LIT Lighting Design Awards, and architecture and interior design, through the BLT Built design Awards, and hospitality design through the LIV Hospitality Design Awards. An exceptional group of jurors are chosen for each judging process.

The entries to the awards are submitted by a global audience, which is a true drawcard. The online presentation of the awards announcements acknowledges the participants and honours those with exceptional design talent. Each detail of the entire awards process is so well-considered. As an institution, we frame the certificates presented to the winners and honourable mention participants. These certificates hang on a wall of honour within our department, and it encourages our pipeline students to be inspired by the hard work and discipline reflected in the work of their peers.

Colleen Cocotos

Senior Lecturer, Architectural Technology and Interior Design Department

Faculty of Informatics and Design, Cape Peninsula University of Technology